About Us

EUROPE DIRECT is the information network established in 2005 in each European Union (EU) member state to improve the communication between European Commission and people in every EU country;

EUROPE DIRECT information relays provide various information about European Union – printed publications, electronic resources, consultations, inquiry phone line 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11;

There are seven EUROPE DIRECT information relays in Latvia, located in  Jelgava, Liepāja, Ventspils, Gulbene, Valmiera, Daugavpils and Rēzekne, giving information, advices and help, listening to the questions, opinions and suggestions of local citizens and providing information about the European Union according to local needs.

Why the EUROPE DIRECT information network has been created?

  • The purpose of the information network is to give an opportunity for citizens to receive information about European Union closer to their settlement;
  • It is a chance for everyone to forward a question to the European Commission and to give the opinion about its work, but for European Commission – to be aware about the thoughts of European citizens;
  • Information network promotes the citizens and organizations to participate in European Community programs.

European Commission information centre EUROPE DIRECT in Jelgava

EUROPE DIRECT Jelgava has been created in May, 2005 and is partly financed by European Commission and Jelgava Local Municipality (former Jelgava District Council);

It is situated in Jelgava Local Municipality building, Pasta 37, 1st floor, together with the Tourist Information Centre.

What does Information centre EUROPE DIRECT in Jelgava provide?

  • Informative materials free of charge about EU topics – history, legislation, politics, institutions, member and candidate states, financing etc.;
  • Two computers with Internet connection for the information search about EU and for the use of data base Welcomeurope;
  • Telephone number of EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre – 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 for inquiries about EU;
  • Seminars for local municipalities, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations about the opportunities provided by EU;
  • School visits, campaigns for youth about EU topics;
  • Consultations.

Which are the main target groups of the EUROPE DIRECT information centre in Jelgava?

  • Pupils and students;
  • Local municipalities;
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Librarians;
  • Teachers
  • Everyone interested in EU issues.


Address: Pasta iela 37, Jelgava, LV-3001

Phone/fax: +371 63048443

E-mail: europe.direct@jelgavasnovads.lv

Working hours:

Monday 8:00 –18:00

Tuesday – Thursday 8:00 –17:00

Friday 8:00-15:30